After witnessing the destructive effects of copper toxicity in a loved one and the widespread medical ignorance surrounding testing and treatment for mineral imbalances in general, Rick has since devoted his life to advancing copper toxicity research and awareness, bringing improved support on a global level for the millions (especially women) affected, and being a leader in the advancement of nutritional consciousness through developing education on the central role that mineral imbalances play in physical and mental health, human psychology, energy, and relationships.  It's Rick's hope of seeing a better world for our children and future generations where people are empowered by this knowledge, and are more fully informed about the nutritional and supplement choices they make.

Supporting You in Health

Mineral Mastery Education


Online educational training program for "intelligent nutrition". This course teaches what almost all nutrition and medical schools fail to teach - the important connection between minerals and health, physical and mental. Balanced minerals lead to good health.   Imbalanced minerals lead to disease.  Mineral Mastery is an eye-opening course unlike any other, diving deep into this mineral connection.  This is, essentially, the foundation to all health and nutrition... life-changing health education that everyone has the right to receive.

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'The Healing Workbook'

The Healing Workbook

Transform your health and learn more than your doctor will ever tell you!   Rick's latest book serves as the ultimate practical guide to healing illness and injury.  This book is a powerful, transformational tool that offers thousands of answers for everything from obesity and diabetes to toxicity and cancer.    The Healing Workbook uses an integrative approach that views the body and mind as a whole, addresses the true source of pain/illness, and helps heal from within, in an interactive, action-oriented format. The book also serves as a great roadmap to overall prevention and living healthy.

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HTMA Testing & Consulting


Rick is one of North America's leading HTMA (Tissue Mineral Analysis) practitioners, and internationally recognized for his work educating and helping clients balance their minerals for better health.  Taught directly by several of the most respected and longest practicing 'mineral practitioners' in the world today, he has been gifted with training in this field that very few others receive.  Backed by over 5000 hours of additional research into minerals, and with over a thousand clients worldwide, he is a leading expert in the field of mineral balancing.  

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Copper Toxicity Support


Rick is considered one of the world's top experts in copper toxicity, a mineral imbalance that silently affects a large percentage of the population, especially women. Triggered by the deep pain of seeing how this mineral imbalance affected a loved one, the widespread medical and social ignorance surrounding it, and choosing not to turn away but rather elevate support for those affected, he went on to create what has become today the Internet's #1 education and support resource on the topic (   

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See What Others Say About Rick

"My gratitude to you for the profound work you are doing and contributions you are making to bringing further light to copper toxicity and in the world of TRUE health and healing in general!” ~ Megan 

"Rick is one of the leading experts in our world today on HTMA and copper" ~ Dr. Robert Selig

"The fact that he knew almost right away what was wrong and was so accurate was huge for me and I feel he knows exactly what I need to do to get back on track. I would highly recommend having an HTMA test done and having Rick on your side." ~Chelsea 

"Thanks again for all you continue to do. You have helped me into saving and restoring my life in all its degrees. " ~Jessica 

"As a Health Practitioner and Fitness Trainer, I want to thank you for your dedication and education! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 25 years and out of all my education have never been taught how crucial mineral balancing is. It was the missing piece in my own healing journey."

~Stacey Turner

"Rick has proven countless times that he is here to spread awareness and do what is best for those who are experiencing copper toxicity, no matter the cause. He truly was a huge support for me since the beginning.  I encourage all of you to have an hTMA test and reach out to Rick Fischer for guidance. It saved my quality of life and for that, I am eternally grateful." ~Joanie  

"Your Mineral Mastery course should be a compulsory unit in every medical and naturopathic and nutrition school.  Quality training not often seen in the nutritional world these days. I want to salute you for the incredibly important role you are playing getting accurate information out into the world."  ~J. Hainsworth

 “Thanks again for all you do and for being someone I can touch base with and  learn from. I’m telling everyone how fortunate I feel to have found you!” ~Paige Rennekamp, CNHP 

"I have really enjoyed your Mineral Mastery course...Thanks again, Rick!  I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.  Minerals saved my life after years of doctors telling me that nothing was wrong, or that I was just depressed or anxious and only needed a SSRI. My mission in life is to save others from that misery - to help them find health and happiness again." ~Stephanie Mace

"A big thank you to you for all you do.  Your website [] is saving lives!!" ~T.I.

"Your research on copper toxicity is a great contribution to educating people about this very serious health problem. In fact, your work puts you way ahead of most "health" care practitioners and researchers who are virtually unaware of the epidemic health problem of copper toxicity." ~Dr. Richard Malter, PhD

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Rick's work is dedicated to supporting those affected by copper toxicity, and increasing nutritional education and awareness in this area.  In this full length film documentary, Rick sits down with several of today's leading experts in minerals, tissue analysis, and, especially, copper toxicity, to discuss this epidemic.  This video is a call for greater education, both at the medical level, as well as that which is passed on to patients and the public.   

In this audio-only recording, Rick is interviewed by Rachel Neumann, one of the world's pioneers in the use of clinical  HTMA, as they discuss the causes and effects of copper toxicity.

My interview with kettlebell world-champion and health/fitness coach Lisa Pitel-Killah, in which we discuss the health epidemic of copper toxicity and the important role of using HTMA for nutritional mineral testing and optimizing health. 

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