Discover the Most Comprehensive Holistic Healing System for the Healing of Back Pain or Disc Injury

This safe, natural, effective approach is based on proven techniques that can relieve your back problems and help you reclaim the active life you were meant to live.​​


The Healing Back Pain Guide is designed to help and empower those suffering with back pain to heal themselves. The Guide gives you the resources necessary to heal your back naturally. As a person dealing with back pain, it is mandatory that you understand the multitude of safe and effective options out there to help you heal … and avoid surgery! “This program is the result of real life experience, proven techniques and results, and expert advice. It has been developed for both those dealing with herniated disc problems as well as back pain in general.”

If you have crippling back pain or sciatica you know what it’s like. Every movement you make is a reminder of the pain. You start adjusting your activities, slowly becoming more and more cautious and sedentary. Soon many of the activities that have always brought you joy are now just a distant, painful memory of the person you used to be. You stop playing sports. You worry about how you’ll play with your kids. You’re no longer spontaneous in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s hard to even sleep, and sitting to watch TV can be just as uncomfortable. Depression and frustration can start to sink in and take over. After all, your active life as you used to know it now seems to be over. You’re not seeing progress with your treatments, and your doctor starts recommending surgery. How did this happen to you? This was never part of the plan! You used to be so vibrant and alive, and now your doctor says you’re faced with two options: a life of back pain and/or surgery.

 Did you know that 10%-40% of patients who undergo surgery experience failed back surgery syndrome – a worsening of their condition! 

There is an alternative, and there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel. It does not involve surgery, nor does it mean taking some new miracle drug that promises the moon while wreaking havoc on your body. Back pain, herniated discs (sometimes also referred to as a prolapsed disc, slipped disc, or bulging disc), and sciatica can, in the vast majority of cases, be treated and healed naturally. Unfortunately surgery and drugs are big business and therefore they get promoted far more than the lesser known, lesser profitable natural ways of treating oneself. For those of you reading this that believe you have the ability and desire to heal naturally and prefer a holistic approach to healing not only the symptoms but also the underlying cause, you’ve come to the right place. 


A completely NATURAL and SAFE approach that RELIEVES SYMPTOMS AND addresses the UNDERLYING CAUSE!


Each book focuses on one of the 4 key areas of healing...


Treatment and Therapies

Everyone focuses on what is THE best treatment or therapy to help get them better, much like the quest for a magic pill. However, the single most important factor missing is… YOU! What is right for YOU?What is effective for one person might not be effective for another, and vice versa. There are so many effective treatments and therapies out there, and yet the majority of these are never even discussed in the doctor’s office. Are you limiting your healing by not being informed of your options? It’s time to take back control. In this book alone we look in-depth at over a dozen highly effective therapies that you can begin using immediately to speed up the course of your healing. It’s all explained to you in easy to understand language so that you’re empowered to make smart treatment decisions.



Healing ultimately begins in the mind, yet too often we place all our reliance on medical ‘processes’ to cure us. Certainly the medical and rehabilitative world plays an integral part in healing, however, without the mindset of a successful outcome, the results will be impaired. Science has proven that our mind can control how our body feels and how it performs. Consider that we have 70,000 thoughts a day. Each thought is like an electrical impulse that affects every cell, bone, muscle, and nerve in our body. Negative and non-supporting thoughts can literally sabotage our bodies. This is why, to truly heal to our fullest potential, we must address the mind-body connection. Any program out there that ignores this must be considered incomplete. Our program fully outlines the mind-body connection and more importantly offers numerous tools and mental exercises to literally program your mind (and body) for faster and more effective healing. 


Exercises & Stretches

Strengthening the core muscles is an integral part of the healing process of back pain as well as a key preventative measure to avoid future recurrences. A quick ‘Google search’ reveals numerous such exercises. But which ones are right for you and your condition, and which ones may be detrimental? “Pilates is good for back pain” is a common phrase thrown around gyms, workplaces, and even the doctor’s office. Does this mean you should sign up for your nearest Pilates class? NO! Not all exercises are right for everyone, and in fact some can be detrimental to your healing if not done properly, or done too soon. In this guide we walk you step by step through over 30 of the top exercises and stretches for back pain, along instructions and images, and present them in a progressive order that you can follow as your healing improves. As a bonus, you also receive exclusive access to our member’s only online video library of exercises and stretches. 



Did you know that even the foods you eat can contribute to or exacerbate back pain? Just as certain foods can speed up your recovery, so too can the wrong foods make things worse. On average we eat 3 times a day, 7 days a week. That’s 21 times a week that we chemically alter our body. Now imagine if we are eating foods that are harmful for us? This can significantly impact healing and is why we place so much importance on nutrition for healing.We believe in customized programs rather than cookie cutter generics. We explain to you exactly which foods are beneficial for you and your body, and which could be detrimental. 

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How Do I Know This Works?

Very simply...because I lived it!  I'm not some marketing genius trying to sell you on hype or fancy advertising.  I'm simply a guy who, in my young 30s, was told by my doctors that I'd never run or hike again, or surf again. They told me if I didn't submit to surgery, I'd have chronic nerve pain the rest of my life. Bullshit. I sure proved them wrong. I didn't have the answers given to me back then though. I spent close to $10K trying everything under the sun -some stuff worked, some didn't. I want to save you that time and money, giving you the tools and tips that worked for me, and have worked for countless others!


Within this program you will find answers to all the following:

  • The number one cause of chronic low back pain and how you can eliminate it
  • The shocking statistics on back surgery. These numbers are frightening, and why you don’t want to be one of them!
  • A painless technique developed in Australia for treating neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and headaches?
  • There are 2 groups of people most prone to disc herniations. Are you one of them?
  • Are you telling yourself you’re in pain? You’ll discover the very real and dire consequences of those thoughts!
  • Suffering from sciatica, spinal stenosis or even headaches? This unique stretching methodology not only has the ability to target specific vertebrae, but can help in disc hydration, decompression, and regeneration, helping all the above symptoms and more!
  • Considering orthotics? Make sure you have this done first…otherwise your money may be wasted!
  • Why surgery, even if effective initially, is not necessarily a long term fix.
  • Is the mattress you sleep on making your back pain worse? It could be. Find out here if it is, as well as what to do with your mattress and how to adjust your sleeping position!
  • Sports injury? Trauma? Inflammation? Pain? You can find fast relief hiding in your kitchen!

Remember this is not a band-aid solution to temporarily hide the pain yet leave the problem unfixed. Instead…

…You will day by day be healing yourself from within until the point that your pain disappears BECAUSE the underlying problem has been resolved.

Let me share with you some more of the amazing information you’ll discover within the pages of these books:

  • Herniated disc/ Carpal Tunnel? Tendonitis? Sciatica? You’ll learn about a relatively unknown yet amazing healing therapy has a NEAR PERFECT success rate! In fact, it was one of my secret weapons in healing – it could be yours too!
  • Why you should avoid chiropractic at all costs if you have this condition. Find out if you’re at risk!
  • A 3000 year old system of healing? Learn how it can help you (even though it’s largely and unfortunately ignored by Western doctors)!
  • Are you taking pain relieving drugs? Here’s why you might want to get off them quickly!
  • Soft tissue injury? Use this to help aid healing and reduce your pain!
  • How the ‘feeling’ of back pain can exist long after the actual injury has healed (and how to avoid this)!
  • Feel like you’re alone in this painful journey? Use my story to inspire and guide you back to health, both in body and mind!
  • When a herniated disc may be the sign of something more serious (and in this case surgery may be required)!
  • Does your back or neck pain get worse at night? Use this natural remedy to relieve your pain!
  • And so much more!

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What is living your life, free of pain, worth to you? 


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